Thursday, May 26, 2005

A hard day's work

At work we're moving offices, which seems to happen every year or two. The good part is we just have to shove our stuff in boxes and the movers come and move the stuff themselves. But the best part is they do this partially during the week; during which time nobody seems to come in to work because we don't really have anywhere to go.

So instead today we had a work party at a local park, where we had a barbecue. We also played ultimate frisbee where you basically have two teams and try to get the frisbee to the other end to score. The only meaninful rules are that you can't run with the frisbee, and if the team that is trying to throw it doesn't complete the pass, the other team gets it. I got tired out pretty fast playing this, but it was fun.

Another tradition of our team (and MS in general) is that we like to throw people into water. The park is on a lake, so we were able to carry a few people (somewhat against their will) and throw them off a dock into the lake. They get the opportunity to remove their cell phones and other electronic gadgets before being thrown in.

Tomorrow is still another "moving day" so I'm probably going to do some work from home and catch up on a bunch of stuff that I never have time to get done at work because there are too many distractions.

I have to figure out what project to take on over the Memorial Day weekend... there are so many things around the house left undone... The decks need painted; I want to put new trim, lights & doors in the hallway (and scrape the ceiling); there's a little bit of work left on the girl's updated "fort"; we could use a fence; or I suppose I could sit around and do nothing....

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