Thursday, May 26, 2005

Boys vs. Girls

I have spent the last two days hearing the following information from Madeline: "If the baby is a boy, it is a him. If the baby is a girl, it is a her. She is a girl. He is a boy." Over and over and over. If you have ever been around a two year old, you can imagine how annoying this repetitive conversation was becoming.

So today, I decided to take her to park after we dropped Elizabeth off at school. We went with another mom friend of ours and her three year old little boy. Maddie and the boy played great together for the first hour or so and then the boy had to go to the bathroom. The park bathrooms were locked (because they don't unlock them or turn on water in the water fountains until June 1st). So the mom told the little boy he would have to wait. He said "I want to pee in the bushes". So the mom decided that was the best thing to do since he was newly potty trained and she didn't want a mess in the car and he was willing to go in the bushes. Madeline was fascinated by the idea that one could go pee outside of the confines of a diaper or a bathroom stall. So Madeline has a fit saying over and over that she wanted to pee in the bushes too. I explained to her that she was wearing a pull-up and could go in it or we could go home and she could go in the baby potty but she could not pee in the bushes because she was a girl. She was mad but seemed to get over it and I didn't think too much more about it.

So then we leave the park because it is time to get Elizabeth from school and when I load her in the car she says "if the baby is a boy, he can pee in the bushes." "If the baby is a girl, she has to pee in a baby potty." Ahh, the disadvantages of being a girl.

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