Saturday, July 23, 2005

Potty Training and Pregnancy Woes

So Madeline is finally going pee in the potty pretty well. So the other morning, I really felt sick and I was waiting for her to get off the potty so I could puke. So she gets off and I throw up. She gets hysterical and I can't figure out why so I tell her to go talk to Daddy b/c I didn't feel like interpretting her at that moment. So she went into our bedroom and started screaming at Jason "Mommy puked on my pee." Jason was like "So what, who cares?" which just made her more upset. So after hearing her complain about it all day, we have learned that for whatever reason, to her, pee isn't just a waste product but some sort of wonderful thing that should never be contaminated with other waste products, especially from other people.