Thursday, June 02, 2005


Elizabeth opened her birthday presents yesterday. We especially had a
lot of fun with the "magic box". Basically it's a box with a mirror in
it that allows you to "hide" things in the box and then make them

It even came with a book describing the various tricks you could play.
Like make the rabbit disappear. Or make the ball disappear. Come to
think of it, all the tricks had to do with something disappearing and
then reappearing.

Actually it was fun, and I think Elizabeth enjoys being an entertainer.
However, the funniest part was when I was demonstrating the "tricks",
Maddie already had them figured out. She would say: "It's not gone --
open the door on the top!" So despite the coolness of the magic box,
it's magic tricks don't fool a 2 year old. (Maybe I just wasn't doing
them right).

I guess I have to assemble her new bicycle this weekend.. I'm sure it
came in about 10,000 separate parts.

Tomorrow afternoon we've got a birthday with her entire Kindergarten
class (all 30) at "Pump it Up", a place with a bunch of slides and
inflatable stuff for kids to play on. Actually it's a "co-birthday"
party, because another kid in her class shares her birthday -- so at
least we have help.

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